In December 2023, BitFund merged with Revix and Coinpanion to form a new and improved investment platform called Altify. 

Explore all of the investment opportunities that BitFund had to offer and more with Altify!

Explore Altify

You can learn more about BitFund joining Altify by visiting the Altify Blog.

Are You a Bitfund Account Holder?

All of your assets that were held with BitFund are secure and immediately available on Altify’s platform.

What’s great is that you can access your Altify account using the same login details as your BitFund account.

To log in to your Altify account, simply log in to your account on the web, or download the Altify mobile app from the Google Play  or Apple App Store.

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What Does Altify Offer?

As a BitFund user, you’ve just got an upgrade!

Altify offers you all of BitFund’s investment options and features together with several added benefits.

🌐 Better crypto prices, thanks to Altify’s advanced multi-exchange trading system.

💸 Reduced fees — as low as 0.25%.

🧭 New investment opportunities — across Crypto Bundles and individual cryptos.

🔄 Automated Investments — with Altify’s Recurring Buys feature.

🔒The highest level of security through Altify's Fireblocks partnership.

Explore Altify’s website to learn more!

Explore Altify
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