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Target a 9% USD Yield with Private Credit

You invest in senior loans to companies that meet our high standards and receive monthly USD cash payouts.
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Unlock Private Credit

Private credit is non-bank lending mainly to small and medium-sized businesses. These private loans can offer attractive returns while diversifying your investment portfolio.

This has resulted in the ultra-wealthy and financial institutions increasing their investment allocation to private credit over the last decade.

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Invest on Your Terms

With Altify you set your target yield and risk level, and invest only when these criteria are satisfied.

Review available investments upfront and monitor your performance in real time to stay updated at every stage.

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This is Private Credit's Golden Moment Accessible With Altify

Private credit is a rapidly growing alternative investment category that is capitalising on the changed economic environment, offering some of the most attractive potential risk-adjusted returns of the past decade.

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“Private Credit loans are growing bigger and breaking records.”

Lisa Lee & John Sage

“We see a golden moment today for private credit.”

Stephen Schwarzman | Chairman, Co-Founder and CEO of Blackstone

“This is a great time for private credit.”

Mark Rowan | CEO and Co-Founder, Apollo Global Management

“A lot of clients are looking to increase their allocations to private debt.”

Stephan Caron | Head of Private Debt for Europe, the Mideast and Africa, BlackRock

Access Deals You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Altify enables you to invest alongside institutional investors, unlocking access to lucrative private credit opportunities.

Safeguarding Your Success

Higher returns often come with higher risk. That’s why we carefully evaluate each investment partner to protect your capital.

Strict Investment Criteria

Our expert team conducts thorough due diligence on each  opportunity. Only qualified investments are accepted and listed.

Built to be Resilient

Our private credit investments consist of senior secured loans, meaning they have a first claim on borrowers.

Ongoing Monitoring

We continuously monitor all investments through regular partner interviews and monthly reporting.

Stellar Track Record

We engage exclusively with established partners who have proven track records.

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What is private credit?

Private credit — also called “private lending” or “direct lending” or “private debt” — refers to loans made directly by investors to companies.

Unlike traditional bank lending, which involves banks extending loans using customer deposits, private credit comes from private sources that are not publicly traded. 

This non-public nature means private credit deals are negotiated directly between lenders and borrowers, allowing for more customised terms and structures.
Private credit plays a crucial role in providing alternative financing options to entities that may prefer alternatives to traditional bank loans.

What kind of returns should I expect?

The private credit investments we’re looking to offer on Altify will target a 9% to 14% annual yield, after all fees, with distributions made monthly or quarterly to provide investors with recurring income.The offered yield is based on a floating rate, which adjusts with interest rates so returns will vary year to year. The income you receive will be reported right in your Altify app.

What exactly am I investing in?

On Altify, you can choose to lend directly to carefully selected medium-sized companies or established private credit funds.

We manage risk by selecting only those companies and funds with strong track records, institutional backing, and the resilience to withstand economic shifts.

Private credit – also called “private lending” or “direct lending” – refers to loans made directly by investors to companies. It is private credit because the debt is not issued or traded on the public markets. 

How is the yield so much higher than other investment options?

The higher yield results from the private nature of these investments and the liquidity premium attached to them.

A liquidity premium is the extra return investors expect to compensate them for the risk of not being able to sell the asset quickly if they need to.

Sourcing, structuring, and managing private credit deals require significant expertise and due diligence. The complexity involved means investors expect higher returns to justify the effort and risk.

Private credit markets also often exhibit lower transparency and efficiency compared to public markets which creates opportunities for higher returns.

What fees will Altify charge for its private credit offering?

The fees that will  be charged by Altify will be detailed closer to the launch of our private credit offerings.

Our promoted targeted yield range of 9% to 14% is net of all fees.

Management fees are set to offset the costs of due diligence and sourcing, which are essential in identifying appealing credit opportunities and structuring loan terms to proactively manage risk.

Historically, private credit has delivered competitive returns, even after accounting for management fees. However, it's important to note that past performance is not indicative of future results and may not be replicated.

Is there a minimum required investment?

The minimum investment amounts, along with investor suitability assessments, will be detailed closer to the launch of our private credit offerings.

We aim to offer investors the ability to invest as low as $1,000, or the equivalent in your local currency.

Is there a lockup period? And, how quickly can I access my invested funds?

Specific details regarding lock-up periods and redemption options, will be provided closer to the launch of our private credit offerings.

Lock-up periods refer to you needing to keep all of your funds invested for a specific period of time: usually a few months.

Redemptions refer to you being able to pull some or all of your money out of a private credit investment.

We’re aiming to offer investors no more than the ability to request redemptions by notifying us at least 30 days in advance.

Please note that like most investment funds, our private credit partners reserve the right to pause withdrawals if necessary.

Is Altify regulated?

Altify is regulated through our wholly-owned subsidiaries: RVX SA Capital (Pty) Ltd ("Altify Capital”) and Revix SA OpCo (Pty) Ltd (“Altify Crypto”).

Altify Capital is a South African private company which is regulated and authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP), in respect of a wide range of financial products including crypto assets, shares, money market instruments, bonds, warrants, certificates and derivative instruments with FSP number 52727.

Altify Crypto is a South African private company which is regulated and authorised Crypto Asset Services Provider (CASP) with FSP number 53289. Altify Crypto holds a non-advisory Category I and Category II licence from the FSCA in respect of crypto assets.

What are the benefits of investing in private credit?

1. Higher Potential Returns: Private credit investments often provide higher yields compared to traditional fixed-income investments like bonds or bank savings accounts. This is due to the higher risk associated with private credit and the illiquidity premium investors receive.

2. Diversification: Private credit investments can diversify a portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds. They offer exposure to different sectors and types of borrowers, reducing overall portfolio risk.

3. Income Generation: Many private credit investments generate regular income through interest payments. These payments can be structured to provide a steady cash flow, making them attractive for income-focused investors.

4. Less Market Volatility: Private credit investments are less sensitive to market fluctuations compared to stocks, as their returns are primarily driven by contractual interest payments and borrower performance rather than market sentiment.

5. Potential for Capital Preservation: Some private credit investments, particularly those secured by collateral or with strong borrower credit profiles, offer a measure of capital preservation relative to higher-risk assets like equities.

6. Access to Niche Markets: Private credit allows investors to access niche markets and sectors that may not be easily accessible through public markets. This can provide opportunities to capitalise on specialised knowledge or market inefficiencies.

What are the key risks with private credit?

Private credit investments are subject to several risks, these include:

1. Credit Risk: The investment involves loans that are subject to the risk of loss if a creditor fails to repay. Lending to third parties always carries inherent uncertainties. The value of these loans is also subject to fluctuations based on broader credit market pricing.

2. Liquidity Risk: There is a risk that loans may decrease in value due to the absence of willing buyers, regardless of the underlying credit quality.

3. Redemption Risk: Should there be a high volume of simultaneous redemption requests, some investors may need to defer their withdrawals to subsequent quarters. Additionally, our private credit partners reserves the right to suspend withdrawals if necessary.

4. Interest Rate Risk: Private credit usually holds floating rate loans, which adjust in response to changes in interest rates, unlike fixed-rate bonds. This approach aims to protect against interest rate volatility.

5. Currency Risk: Fluctuations in exchange rates can significantly impact the returns, as the value of the foreign investment may decrease when converted back to US dollars. This risk is inherent in cross-border financial activities and is not covered by protective measures, potentially affecting the overall investment performance.

6. Concentration Risk: Investing a large portion of funds in a single economic sector or geographic region can lead to higher volatility and greater risk of loss if that sector or region faces economic downturns.

7. Regulatory Risk: Changes in regulations can affect the viability and profitability of investments in private credit. For example, new financial or tax regulations could alter the landscape dramatically, impacting returns and operational conditions.

8. Operational Risk: This includes risks associated with inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events. This can range from simple administrative errors to major disruptions caused by system failures or other operational issues.

9. Credit Spread Risk: This risk arises from an increase in the credit spread of the issuer, independent of the general movement of interest rates. An increase in perceived risk of the issuer can widen the credit spread, impacting returns.

10. Reinvestment Risk: For private credit instruments generating regular income, there is the risk that the returns from these investments cannot be reinvested at an equally profitable rate due to fluctuating interest rates or changes in market conditions.

11. Counterparty Risk: This is the risk that the counterparty to a transaction (such as a derivative or hedging contract) may default on its obligations, impacting the returns of the investment.

These risks highlight the critical need for investors to carry out comprehensive due diligence, invest only within their financial capacity, choose reputable and trustworthy private credit partners, and continually monitor their investment landscape.

How does Altify manage private credit risks?

We at Altify partner with established and market leading private credit partners to carefully manage and mitigate the risks associated with its private credit offerings.

Senior Secured Credit Focus:
At the core of our partners strategies is an emphasis on senior secured credit, which grants the highest claim on assets in the event of borrower financial distress. This focus significantly mitigates risk compared to subordinate high-yield credit or bonds and equity, which only receives pay-outs after all debts are settled.

Due Diligence and Expertise:
To further safeguard investments, Altify's partners engage in rigorous due diligence, specialising in sectors where they hold deep expertise. Despite strong credit agreements and financial maintenance covenants designed to enforce crucial financial health metrics, the fundamental risks associated with lending to third parties remain an important consideration.

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