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Discover the Next Level of Personal Rewards

As an Altify account holder, you automatically join Altify Rewards which is our loyalty program that enables you to accumulate rewards points that you can redeem and convert to cash!

As you accumulate rewards points for investing, referring or diversifying, you'll level up your Altify account and unlock exclusive benefits, including reduced trading fees, limited edition merchandise, and much more.

You can experience it all in the Altify app.

As you accumulate Rewards Points, you'll level up your Altify account and unlock exceptional benefits, including reduced trading fees, exclusive merchandise, and much more.

With Altify, you're not just an investor; you're part of a community that grows together. Our rewards program is designed to ensure that your investment journey is not only financially rewarding but also personally fulfilling.

Join Altify today and unlock a world of exclusive rewards. Experience a new level of investing where your success is celebrated, and your journey is enriched. Elevate your investment experience with Altify - where investing meets rewards!

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How it Works

Get rewarded in 4 Easy Steps!

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Invite Friends

Share your referral link or referral code with friends. There's no limit to the number of referrals you can make!

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Friends Join & Invest

When your friends make their first investment, you’ll both be rewarded.


Unlock Rewards by Leveling Up

Every referral, investment, or diversification move you make earns you valuable Altify points. As your points grow, so does your account level, unlocking lower fees, exclusive merchandise, and so many other great benefits!


Redeem Your Rewards Points

Accumulate 200 reward points and unlock the opportunity to redeem them for Bitcoin. Choose to hold, sell for cash, or withdraw your Bitcoin as you please.

Compare Reward Levels

Reward Levels

Rewards Points
1 000
5 000

Benefits & Features

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Multi-Exchange Trade

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What Does it Mean to ‘Redeem Points for Bitcoin'?

When you hold 200 or more points, you can redeem them for R400’s worth of Bitcoin. Redeeming points will not impact your Rewards level. When you have earned 200+ points, simply head over to the Rewards page on your Altify dashboard and click ‘Redeem’. You’ll exchange your points for Bitcoin which you can choose to hold, trade or withdraw.

How Do I Join Altify Rewards?

When you create an account with us you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Altify Rewards program and you’ll start earning Points. 

Read the terms and conditions of the Altify Rewards program here.

How Do I Earn Points?

You’ll earn Points for completing different actions with us - like making a deposit, or referring a friend. Please see the below table of all actions you can perform to earn Points, and how many Points you’ll earn for each action.

How Does Altify Rewards Work?

Earn Points, Level Up, and Unlock Rewards!

The Altify rewards programme is designed to provide users with additional benefits for using the Altify investment platform. Once you sign up for a Altify account, you can start earning points by performing certain actions on the platform like referring friends and making recurring investments. As you accumulate points you'll progress through different levels, you'll unlock lower fees and other great benefits.

You can also redeem your points for Bitcoin without affecting your rewards level. This means that if you’re on level silver with 250 points, you can redeem all 250 points for Bitcoin and you’ll remain on level silver.

The more you achieve, the more you receive!

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