Are there any fees on deposits or withdrawals?

Deposit fees: 

South African rand

  • Bank deposits: Free
  • Linked account deposits: 1.00% on all banks

Pound sterling: 0.50% fee with a minimum fee of 15 GBP and max of 50 GBP

US dollar: 0.50% with a minimum fee of 15 USD and max of 50 USD

Crypto: Free

Withdrawal fees: 

South African rand: R50.00 or 0.25% for any amounts over R 200,000.00

Pound sterling: 1.00% fee with a minimum of 30 GBP and a maximum of 60 GBP

US dollars: 1.00% fee with a minimum of 30 USD and a maximum of 60 USD

Bitcoin: BTC 0.0005

USD Tether: 10 USDT

How do I pay the lowest fee possible?

Level up by earning Revix Rewards points and you unlock lower fees.

Each new level that you unlock grants you discounts on your fees.

Blue level: No fee discount

Silver level: 10% off all fees

Gold level: 20% off all fees

Platinum level: 35% off all fees

VIP level: 50% off all fees

Read more about Revix Rewards here.

How are rebalancing fees charged?

A  rebalancing fee of 0.085% - 0.17% will be automatically deducted from the Crypto Index units you hold. This fee will be automatically charged monthly to update your Crypto Index holdings.

Please note that this fee is only levied on the value of the Crypto Indexes you hold.

Are there any additional fees?

We are committed to providing fair and transparent pricing to our customers.

We do not charge monthly account fees, management fees, cryptocurrency storage fees and account opening fees. We do however charge trading and rebalancing fees.

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