How do I redeem my points?

When you have earned at least 200 Points, you’ll be able to redeem those Points for Bitcoin by logging into your account, heading to the Rewards section of your dashboard and selecting “Redeem”.

How many Points do I need to earn to redeem Bitcoin?

You need to earn at least 200 Points to redeem Bitcoin.

Once I redeem my Points for Bitcoin, can I use that to invest in something else?

Yes, you can! Once you’ve redeemed your Points for Bitcoin you can invest in another asset.

Once I redeem my Points for Bitcoin, can I withdraw it?

Yes you can. You can either withdraw your Bitcoin or sell your Bitcoin to your preferred currency and withdraw to your bank account. Please note that fees will apply for investments and withdrawals.

If I redeem some or all of my points will I move down a level?

Not at all. Your level is determined by your lifetime Points so even if you redeem all of your Points and your Points total is on 0, your level will remain the same until you earn more Points and move up a level.

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